As you wander through the garrigue, following the narrow paths lined with pine trees and stonewalls, the air heady with the scents of thyme and rosemary magically combining under the Provençal sun, you can bask in the knowledge that these are the very same views which so inspired fabled authors such as Alphonse Daudet or Frédéric Mistral… "Ahead of me, a lovely, sparklingly lit, pine wood plunges down to the bottom of the hill. The nearest mountains, the Alpilles, press their grand silhouettes against the sky.... There is hardly a sound to be heard; a fading fife, a curlew calling amongst the lavender, and a tinkle of mules' bells from somewhere along the track… The Provençal light really brings this beautiful landscape to life. And you wonder whether I miss your dark, crowded, Paris? I could actually be no happier than I am, here in my windmill."
ALPHONSE DAUDET - Lettres de mon Moulin.